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Multicraft x100 - 25-го Августа!
Онлайн более 3000 игроков - не пропусти!
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Работа сервера до последнего игрока (доказано)
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20.08.16 20:00
Dear players, We are pleased to announce the imminent opening of the new X100 server. Future world combines all the best ideas and implementation of projects Interlude. You are in for a Grand and large-scale online battles! Now we offer you to familiarize yourself with the forum - take part in promotions!

What You should know about our «MultiCraft x100»:
  • Leading the Assembly with their Goodies and modifications
  • High online server operation to the last player
  • Maximizing the content of Chronicles Interlude
  • The unimaginable balance of classes and races of characters
  • Administrative staff which is always ready to help
  • The best defense against DDoS attacks will make your game comfortable
  • The presence of avtomatov and addictive gameplay will not let you get bored
Ongoing promotions and contests before opening:
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